Brendan Power CD USA Update.

Hello USA.

 I have been talking to Dave Mallinson this weekend ( the man who released
 the Brendan Power CD a few weeks ago).

 I asked him if a USA outlet had been arranged yet.
 The answer is NO i'm sorry to say.

 What Dave told me was that, he offered the handling in the USA to 
 Green Linnet but they did not seem to be interested for some reason.

 He said he would be more interested in shipping them himself, but that
 as far as he is concerned, the USA handling is "up for grabs".

 They were *his* words.
 SO, if anyone in NET land would like to take the CD distribution on,
 contact Dave Mallinson (I have posted his address twice to the group).

 If you cann't find it EMAIL me, I'll send it to you.

 Come one someone, take Brendan's new CD on board for the USA!

 Gordon Jackson.

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