Re: Midi Harp.

> I can't imagine the usefulness of a midi harmonica. So much of playing the
> harmonica is organic. 

*******Rest of post deleted*******

Well as It happens, the harp is more than suited for use as a MIDI control
device. Two are types are available now.

However, as to not being able to imagine a use for a MIDI harp..

It reminds me of what happened during the first world war, when the
government war office said they could not imagine a use for the
airoplane in a war.

I suspect that you do not use MIDI in fact. 
If you did, you would be very pleased to have yet another instrument that
you could use to create a wide range of musical textures and sound.

Breath control devices for MIDI give a great deal of expression to MIDI

Guitars are *still* much more of a problem as pitch to MIDIU converters
than a harmonice is, although they are getting better.

I did not realise that there was such a lack of understanding among modern
musicians as there has been demonstrated in the HARP-L. 

Ignoring drummers that is, but then we ALL ignore drummers, 
are they musicians at all we ask ourselves.  :-) :-) :-)

By the way this letter was *NOT* intended as a flame.


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