Midi Harp also Harmonica Rascals

I can't imagine the usefulness of a midi harmonica. So much of playing the
harmonica is organic. The bends, and the use of hands and vocalizing are too
subtle to catch in midi. Midi supports things like attack and pitchbend, but
it probably could not catch wow and flutter and growls and all of the other
neat things that make harp playing distinct from other instruments.
I play blues styles exclusively, so I may be mistaken about this, but I think
a jazz player or even the 'Harmonca Rascals' style playing relies on the
ability to 'voice' through the harp.

The reason I mention Harmonica Rascals is that I picked up a tape at a flea
market. There are no liner notes on the J card other than song titles. These
guys are great! I enjoyed the tape even though the only remotely bluesy
number was St. Louis Blues. The quality was amazing, and the tone of the lead
harp player was enviable.

Who are the Harmonica Rascals? Are they still around? What records are
        Keith Graham

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