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Sugar Blue's new record is finally out on Alligator. Saw it in
Down Home music last wknd, and have requested a review copy.
Didn't jot down the name, but it's a welcome sight. They also had
(finally) a copy of his twofer "From Paris To Chicago," which
I've never been able to find up til now.

Mark Hummel has a new record, "Feel Like Rockin'" coming out on
Flying Fish soon. I just got a prerelease cassette dub, and it
sounds good. Sue Foley and Brownie McGhee make guest appearances

Mark tells me that Fingers Taylor has recently recorded something
new and is now label shopping.

Howard Levy is represented on two new releases from Silver Wave,
a New Age label out of Boulder Colorado. He's featured strongly
on three cuts of a new album by pianist Peter Kater, and is also
one-third of Trio Globo, which includes bassist Eugene Friesen
and percussionist Glen Velez, and has a new CD out under that

Winslow Yerxa

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