Re: Harmonica Jamboree-Tacoma, WA--5/14/94--9AM-6PM

This is to correct a posting by Eric Lippe concerning the Harmonica 
Jamboree. It will NOT be this weekend, but next. I have the flyer in hand 
as I write this note, so here's the pertinent info:
	The HARMONICA JAMBOREE-- for all ages---will be held 
	on Saturday May 14, 1994 at the LIGHTHOUSE SENIOR CENTER,
	5016 A Street, Tacoma, WA  98408 (phone--206-591-5080, call
	for lunch ($5) reservations by 5/2---oops, too late for that!!!

	There will be performances by JAY MABIN, VERN MAGUS, HARMONICANS
	& HARMONICADIANS and many more. Steve Bailey will give a blues
	harp workshop, as well as workshops on repair & tuning (Vern Magus),
	beginners (Vern), chromatic (Jay Mabin) & bluegrass. 

		1)Take the 56th St. exit off I-5 and go east of Pacific Ave.
		2)Turn left on Pacific and go to 50th St. (Gibson's
		  Nursery is on the corner).
		3)At the light turn right. Go up the small hill one block 
		  ("A" Street) and turn right. You're at 50th & South "A".
		4) Parking is on the street or in the rear of the building.

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