Hard Bopper info

Not too long ago, Winslow mentioned some quality problems Hohner
had in the past with the Hard Bopper reeds.  Apparently, they 
suffered from metal fatigue and short life.

Winslow also wrote recently that F & R Farrell sells a "lifetime"
plastic comb for 12-hole Hohner chromatics.  That piqued my interest,
as I have found maintaining my 270s, with their wooden combs and 
glued-on reed plates, to be a real nuisance.

I called and spoke to Mr. Farrell yesterday.  He told me he offers 
two versions of the plastic-combed harmonica.  For these harps, he
orders Hard Bopper reed plates from Hohner.  He says the Hard Bopper
reeds play more evenly and last longer(!) than Model 270 reeds.  If
that is correct, then Hohner must have fixed that particular problem.

One version of the Farrell chromatic uses the reed plates with the 
reeds riveted in place, bolted to the plastic comb.  I neglected to
ask about the slide and mouthpiece.  I did ask for a brochure, though.
That version sells for $165.

The other version has all of the reed rivets replaced by screws.  That
version is $295.

Mr. Farrell says he is about one month behind on these harps.  

Thank you, Winslow, for leading me this far in my search for the ideal
chromatic.  I still haven't found the chro of my dreams, however, which
would be a 12-hole, easily-replaceable everything, tuned in C, with hole
one blow being G below middle C.

George Mayhew

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