Kevin's Harps

Todd Huss was talking about poor service at one mail order house, and his plans
to switch to Kevin's Harps.  Just thought I'd let you know that KH may have
similar problems.  Months ago, I called and requested a catalog, which I have
yet to receive.  A friend at work gave me one of his, and I ordered two harps
over a week ago.  Since their ads say they ship by, essentially, 2 day mail,
I thought I had an outside chance of having the harps in hand by last Friday.

When they still hadn't shown up Tuesday, I called them Wednesday, and found out
they hadn't even sent them yet.  The guy on the phone said that they've been
telling folks it takes 8-10 working days before you can expect to see your
order.  That means it takes them almost a week just to get around to filling
and mailing your order.

Since I haven't gotten the harps yet, I can't say whether they have problems
sending what people order.  Mine was pretty straightforward, just two models
of harps in different keys.  I'll post again when my order shows up.


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