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Todd Huss writes that he's had some problems with F&R Farrell.

The part about getting a Bb harp labelled Db is not Farrell's
fault - that's a factory assembly problem, and should not be
laid at his door. Grumble to the manufacturer about that one.

However, you should grumble directly to Farrell about the other
problems. If it's any consolation, Farrell's business has
quadrupled over the same period last year, and he and his
employees are hard pressed to keep up with the demand. It appears
that this has had an unfortunate effect on accuracy and attention
to detail.

Every business establishment has these embarrassing moments,
including the everything-bad-converges-on-one-customer variety,
which is especially embarrassing. Probably someone out there
could tell you unhappy tales about Kevin, too.

Have you contacted to Farrell with a summary of the problems you
have experienced? We can commiserate, but he can actually do
something about it, by putting your corrective feedback to
positive use. Then we all benefit.

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