HAs anyone else been having trouble with f&r farrell orders? I've ordered
3 items from them so far and every time there's been a problem. The first
order I ordered a meisterklasse and said specifically that I did NOT want
the modular system! I get it in the mail and sure enough it's a modular
system. I also asked for the key of Bb and although the key is Bb, the
comb has Db printed on it. No biggie though. Then I ordered a Lee Oskar
in C and they sent it to the wrong address. And most recently I ordered
the Howard Levy tape, harmonica jazz. And what shows up at my door? Not
the $10 cassette tape I requested, but the $49 dollar instructional video
by Howard Levy. Even though Kevin's prices are a little higher, I'm
considering buying from Kevin from now on.

I would be curious if anyone else has had problems with F&R farrell or if
these were just fluke incidents.


				Todd C. Huss

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