Throat Vibrato (?)

I think vibrato is a more appropriate term for what is being
discussed than tremolo - but anyway, I think it is easy to
think of it in terms of vocal vibrato only now with the harp
you have to get the vibrato on the draw. I found that getting
the tongue out of the way was very important in getting a
good throat vibrato - otherwise one can con oneself into
believing one has a good vibrato - listening to the greats
like SBWII helps a lot. The way it works for me is I try to
get a clean airstream all the way from my lips through to
the back of my mouth ( where the uvula is ) and then stop
this airflow. If this is done sufficiently rapidly you have
throat vibrato - getting a steady rhythm for the stop-start takes
time and practice. Varying the speed is more difficult I find.
I hope this helps ,

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