Re: High end harpin'.


About your shrill high end conplaints, my suggestion to use an equalizer.
Several on the market and I havn't purchased one for 12 years.  I own a 
BOSS 10 band graphic eq which I have used for cutting the highs of harps
to boosting the lows of the bass.  I don't know if this model is still 
available, but it was the only one on the market then which was ac powered
as opposed to using a battery.

Good Luck :)

      George Miklas, Bass Harmonicist, Jerry Murad's Harmonicats 
                     E-Mail:  ah567@xxxxxxxxxxx
"Three Gs and an E flat....who would think that these four notes would 
be the main theme of a major symphonic work?"  Arthur G. Spiro, Ph.D.

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