Re: High end harpin'.

hey group,

>Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 11:31:00 -0500 (EST)
>From: Norbert Brunhuber <brun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>  Here's the latest of my observations/problems.  I've been trying to use
>the high end of the harp (holes 7-10).  The problems is that the sound
>levels I use amplified are working fine for the low end, but those same
>levels are too loud and shrill for the high end.  Enough so that people
>complain about it.
>  I'm using a shaker microphone and have gone through the PA board direct
>and also had a small amp miked up.  The problem is more severe with the
>direct route but present with both setups.  Any ideas/experiences to share?

Could you try a low-pass filter in line?  Pick the values of the components 
so the attenuation is increasing through the range of notes you want to 
play quieter.  As long as the cut-off is not sharp you should still be able 
to hear those notes...they just won't be as loud.  Any electronics homers 
out there who can suggest what circuit and values of capacitors, resistors, 
and inductors to use?

Bill Long -->the Hitch-Hikin' Harper 

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