Re: Bending hole 5

:Question. When you blow out a harp due to bending to hard which reed
:is damaged - the blow reed or the draw reed (in the case of draw

If you are playing a DRAW bend you are usually overstressing the draw reed
and if you are playing a blow bend you are usually overstressing the blow
reed. The MAJORITY of reed movement on a bend is on the reed you are really
trying to use( blow for blow or draw for draw). A Lee Oskar is a good
example. I tend to blow out( or draw out) the 4 Draw a lot. I can replace
only the botton(draw) reedplate for the fix, but of course they come with
both, so both get changed. I have also found that those reeds that need to
be tuned lower in the factory(reed shaved at the rear) are more likely to
fail. With Lee Oskar reedplates, you can examine them for the before buying
them. When buying a full harp, you can't tell without taking them apart.

Tim Moody

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