Re: Bending hole 5.??????


	While we are discussing bending, I would like to ask:

Do you think that a new harp has to be broken in correctly, that is, that 
the reeds have to be gently, carefully bent down to exact bend pitch during 
the breaking in period to be able to get the really low bends consistently? 
Should it be possible to get these tones on a harp that has been carelessly 
broken in, or used for another type of music that doesn't require bends? It 
seems that my old trusty harps like certain bending patterns that I play 
repeatedly, and sometimes revolt when I try to break into new patterns. Is 
this just faulty technique? (I use Lee Oscars, Marine Bands and SBSs, and a 
few Huangs)

Any insight greatly appreciated

Ted Allbritton

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