Water Problems

 > Well... my sister gave to me a Hohner 'Blues Harp'
 > just the other day. I quite
 > like the feel of the thing, but I have encountered one
 > problem.
 > The comb is made of wood, and when I use the harp for
 > any extended period of
 > time the moisture from my mouth causes the teeth of
 > the comb to expand. They
 > expand a few millimeters beyond the cover plates,
 > interfering with my lips
 > something terrible...Is there a
 > solution, or do I simply have to put up with it?

It's a very common problem. The solution is to use an X-Acto knife to shave
off the wood or to buy a harp with a plastic body. If you opt for the former
solution, be careful so wood shavings don't drop into the harp.

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