I'm new...

	Ok, I'm new at this harmonica thing, so if you aren't a kind soul,
read no further.  I just bought a "harmonica kit".  It comes with a harmonica,
a songbook, and a tape of some guy that knows how to play.  Well, I got the
"straight harp" style down. (I think that's what it's called, no bending, just
suck and blow...)  I can't get the damn thing to bend right.  Sure, when I 
do as the man on the tape says, I get different sounds, but they sound more
like muffled variations of the original note, not different notes.  I think
I can get a bend pretty good on the fourth hole, but the book says the 
third hole is easier.  Well, not for me, unless I'm doing something wrong.
I would really appreciate a "lesson" in bending.  It's driving me crazy, and
I just about gave up, then I came across this group...


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