Re: Water Problems

You must really be beating heck out of that baby if you get it that wet
in one sitting! You might try not having so much mositure present although
you need some. Now, at the risk of starting a range war, I might suggest
that you consider a harp with a plastic comb. Ouch, ooch, ouch........
incoming flames hit target!!!!! I played a Hohner for about two months, 
until I got mad and tried to bend the 5 hole which can't be bent. yeah, and
I killed that 5 hole and parted with the harp. I went to Lee Osker which
has a plastic comb. These harps give a much better seal in my opinion.
Hohner makes a Special 20 which has a plastic comb. I guess all I can offer
is to reduce the moisture (which does sound a little excessive) or get a
plastic combed harp.


Listening to Little Walter right now!

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