Re: Water Problems

You're not alone. That is one of the most common complaints I hear. There
are also a few solutions. The simple one is to play non-wooden comb harps,
like a Special 20. The real problem lies in us. We always salivate when
something goes into our mouths. It is a practiced effort NOT to salivate
that a good harp player goes through. After ruining several harps by trying
to "repair" the swollen combs, I have found a few solutions. The first one
is as mentioned, keep a dry mouth. I play so dry that I am continually
adding water. The next one is a little more difficult, and to detailed to
explain here, but it involves coating the wooden comb in a pure silicon. The
bottom line is that is is a dilemma that harp players face. If you keep
playing wood comb harps, try knocking the excess moisture out from time or
keep a couple of harps in the same key around, and swap 'em. And whatever
you do to your wooden harps, DO NOT soak them.

I know, not much help!

Tim Moody

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