C&W flavor.

  I've got to play on and solo in a new song for an upcoming show called
"Get Drunk & Screw" by Jimmy Buffet.  Ok, ok, not the most flattering
song, but please try to get by it. 

  Anyway, it is a country and western song and I was wondering if anyone
out there could give me some ideas to get a good C&W flavor.  I know
already that I should use 5 draw (because its too flat by one semitone). 
I also read in a book that a typical C&W scale based on C major is:

  G A B D E G

Finally I think I read somewhere that C&W harp generally keeps the bending
and vibrato to a minimum.  Can anyone out there help me out?  What
about chording?  Please hurry I could use this info by Wednesday.  Thanks.


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