Over Christmas, I went through most of my blues tapes and copied off all the 
songs in the key of G onto a couple tapes.  Now I have two tapes for the 
car/truck that a C harp works for every song.  Plus it isn't boring because
I can play with Muddy Waters, Son House, Big Joe Turner, Bonnie Raitt/Junior
Wells, Jack DuPree, John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, Little Walter, Washboard
Sam, Ry Cooder, SBW II, Bo Diddley, Cotton/Branch/Wells/Bell, Robert Cray,
Lowell Fulson, Backtrack BB, Charlie Musclewhite, Kate Webster, Saffire, and
Pinetop Perkins.
  Ace Walls   WALLS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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