Re: Playing while Driving

I practice certain types of exercises while driving but only those
types that require next to no attention -- things like scales. Playing
while you drive is dangerous and highly irresponsible if it takes your
attention from the road.  I survived a four car catastrophe that
claimed two lives and I'll always wonder if some slight inattention
may have contributed to one of those fatalities.

Winslow mentions sleep learning.  I have observed a subtle aspect of
learning that seems to come from sleep.  I may struggle long and
fiercely to master some difficult passage, then stop from fatigue and
frustration.  The next day when I return to the same passage it's easier
by far, as if sleeping on it had knit the synapses that needed to come
together. This happens quite regularly and my frustration is eased
when I think "tomorrow this will be much easier".

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