Re: Playing while driving

	I must agree with Bart de Boer. Playing while riding a bicycle is
good for developing breath control. It's also good for developing balance 
if you use both hands to play. It may also serve to develop large scrapes 
and contusions if you don't watch out. 
	I practiced "In the Mood" on the chromey every day while riding the 2 
miles to school. Since, of course, my primary concern was safety, I paid 
most of my attention to the road. The actual details of the song, each 
motion necessary to play it, had to be learned in an "automatic" way. 
It's as if all the knowledge associated with that song is now in my 
spinal cord, rather than in my brain. I can hardly recall how to play it, 
when I try to imagine, yet I can play it with so little concentration 
that I could understand a conversation while playing. 
	Perhaps then, bicycle riding is a good time to practice scales and
basic licks-- things you want your mouth to know without thinking about 


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