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>:7. GENERAL INTEREST: (And of special interest to Carolyn Mayr)
>:   The World Harmonica Championships, Detroit, Mich. 1991, was won hands
>:   down by Maria Wolfsberger, a young lady from Austria, she was 17 then.

>In what catagory? There are a lot of them. 

>Tim Moody 

	Sorry, I left that out. Maria won the chromatic soloist - youth - 
category in 1991 and chromatic soloist - adult - in 1993.

	For those who haven't been there - The chromatic soloist contestant 
must play a required test piece - usually written especially for the 
competition (Incredibly difficult IMHO) and also play a piece of their own 
choosing. In both competitions I saw they used a piano accompanist. The 1991 
test piece titled "Pictures Of A Woman" was written by Pete Pedersen and is 
available on cassette with sheet music from F & R Farrell Co. [I don't recall 
the 1993 test piece].

P.S. Tim, thank you for the kind words.

                     Jack Ely          ely.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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