Train chugging

First of all, please excuse the rather strange subject line, but hopefully
the thread will be obvious.

Hi Carolyn, 

In answer to your question about how a train chugging noise (I can't think of
any other way to describe it!) can be produced without "throwing a whitey" as
we say in Scotland, although I am not familiar with the track you name, I have
the following "top-tip".

Instead of trying to use the lungs, or more correctly, the diaphragm to puff in
and out, try to use your mouthparts instead (your cheeks and tongue). This will
only work for the lower holes on your harp, so if the song you are talking about
requires a higher tone, then ignore my rantings, but if it IS quite low, then
you can get some wicked effects using that method.

Try to use your tongue to "pump" air in and out of your mouth, like a bike-pump

Hope this helps,

Don't try this with a Little Lady (!) or you might swallow it.


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