Re: Bending 5 hole draw

I hate to be pedantic (but I'm going to be, anyway <g>), but the 5 draw
note, when bent, is emphatically
NOT the same as the note in 5 blow.  It is only possible to bend the
draw note in any hole down to a slightly sharp version of the blow
note, and as there isn't a "real" (in western musics - including blues
et al) note missing between 5 blow and 5 draw, it's a pretty futile
exercise trying to bend that note down, unless it is for a very
specific musical reason, like you're trying to play quarter tones or
microtonal stuff.  There are many tutors available that tell you that
this note can be bent down to the pitch of the blow reed in the same
hole - I guess their authors never bothered to test their theory out by
working with a tuner!

Steve Jennings
Editor, Harmonica World

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