Re: SBW Bring It On Home

:On the "Bring It On Home" issue -- a couple of corrections. First, the
:song was not written by Williamson, but by Willie Dixon, who is
:credited properly on every Chess release of the song I've seen, which
:includes the various Williamson versions (in addition to the Matt
:Murphy/SBW version, there are at least two Chess single sides from the
:50s on which Dixon plays bass) and also a version by Walter Horton
:from the early sixties (which Dixon sings 

Correct, and sorry for the misleading information. It IS a Willie Dixon
song, and many apologies for not mentioning that. I was trying to point out
my understanding of it's original recording. I thought it was the '61
version with SBW II and Matt Murphy. Are you saying there are singles of this
song released in the fifties, with Willie on one?  Please clarify...

Ken, Thanks in advance

Tim Moody

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