Re: Women harmonicists

Another woman who plays blues on the harp with all the chops of the
great Chicago players is Anne Raines, known as Little Annie.  She is
around 24 years old, slight of build, with a great mane of curly hair.
She plays the blues clubs around Boston, most often in the company of
Paul Rishell, master of the National Steel.  Now she is on record with
Rishell playing both acoustic and amplified harp; the amplified cuts
are backed by Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters.  The album is called
"Swear To Tell The Truth", Tone-Cool CD TC 1148.  She has wonderful
tone and can play amplified with great delicacy.  I like especially
her 1st position work on the J.B. Lenoir tune "Lou Ella".


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