Re: Harmonica ups & downs

:> Emma,
:> I noticed that my Pro-harps are fragile on the 5th draw. 
:> Hohner has now a modular system which may solve the problem
:> (I think it is available with Blues-harp).
:>               steph
:        Are you bending the 5 draw?  That will cause early death in any
:harp.  I generally avoid it.  I don't know why the 5 draw would be more
:harmful.  5 draw and 5 blow are only a half step apart, so 5 draw bend
:is the same note as 5 blow.  I suppose that has something to do with it.
:        Does anybody have the answer?
:                                George Mayhew

First the ProHarp thing. What they call there "Modular System" is the mew
automated production faucility introduced, which allows interchangable part
of the new harps. The one that are not yet covered are the Special 20,
Golden Melody and of course, the Marine Band 1896.

Second, bending the five draw. Good call George. The lower key harps are
easier one the five draw, also.

Tim Moody

PS Watch that mailbox!!!

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