Re: Harp as disease vector/ question

Hm, I'm afraid I'm quite sloppy about eating and playing. I think I even have 
played with food still in my mouth... Anyway I never spoiled a harp that way, if
they did get stuck, I've always managed to get them working again by cleaning

About the brass in the trumpet Billong is worying about: I think brass itself can
be a poisonous metal. But you have to get it inside of yourself (by eating it
or licking on it.) I don't think that could happen with a harp as your lips do
not touch the brass itself. With a trumpet I think it could be possible.

Don't get scared though. I'm not a doctor or an expert on poisons or anything,
and I never heard  anything about people actually getting poisoned by copper.

Bart de Boer

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