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On the "Bring It On Home" issue -- a couple of corrections. First, the
song was not written by Williamson, but by Willie Dixon, who is
credited properly on every Chess release of the song I've seen, which
includes the various Williamson versions (in addition to the Matt
Murphy/SBW version, there are at least two Chess single sides from the
50s on which Dixon plays bass) and also a version by Walter Horton
from the early sixties (which Dixon sings on).

Zeppelin stole many, many blues songs, and the only reason this song
was EVER properly credited was because Dixon went to a great deal of
expense and trouble to sue them and drag them through court. He had to
do it twice, because "Whole Lotta Love" is also stolen from one of his

Most of the other blues (and some rock&roll) singers that Zep raped,
ranging from Robert Johnson to Ritchie Valens, never received any
recognition or money from the band.

Compared to the way the Rolling Stones always credited/talked about
their blues influences, and the way Eric Clapton has always approached
his musical ancestors, Zeppelin's behavior was arrogant, piggish, and
just plain wrong.

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