Re: What's going on out there in Harp-Land

>Hi all,
>I am new to the Harp-L scene, and I was wondering if anyone was going to 

Welcome, Emma

	Nice to know there are at least two female harpers on the list. 
Carolyn Mayr is the only other that I know of. No sexist bias intended, 
just refreshing to know you are out there lending needed balance to the 
predominately male world of harmonica playing. Your genre? 

	I am trying to interest my nine-year-old daughter in playing harp. I 
have her doing a few little blues rhythm parts (call and response) and a 
few simple songs. I hope to grow old with her as my brilliant and 
eclipsing accompanist.

	By the way, I had posted, a few months ago, a query about famous 
female players. Got a few responses, but would like to know of more 
examples if anyone has any. I know of Memphis Minnie and Big Mama 
Thornton. Any in Jazz? Classical? Contemporary Blues?

Ted Allbritton

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