What's going on out there in Harp-Land

Hi all,

Just curious as to what everyone has been up to...the list has been
quiet for a while now.

Hey George, any News on the Newsgroup?  Is it about time to try for a
Vote?  Just curious.

I've just recently gotten over a cold/throat infection/etc.  I have
the running policy of NOT EVER blowing in my harps when I am sick. 
Also, I try not to play RIGHT after I've eaten (unless I can brush my
teeth or rinse my mouth out really well).

Is anyone else as Anal about this as I am?  I think the latter of the
two would prolong the life of the Harp (i.e. by NOT spitting food into
the reeds).  The former, I believe, is good hygiene as well.  Can you
catch a cold from a harmonica?

Just some thoughts.

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