Re: Rock?

A Melodica is what you're referring to. I've never seen him play one, but
he's a very, very good (chromatic) harmonicist.        ROB

On 4 Mar 1994, Bill Long wrote:

> Hello suckers (and blowers),
> Way back on Feb. 18 Winslow Yerxa <76450.3230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >Stevie Wonder, if you count him as rock, plays chromatic almost
> >exclusively, not only on his own records (Isn't She Lovely,
> >Fngertips, Work Out Stevie Work Out, Do I Do, Ribbon in the Sky,
> >That Girl, Creepin', Too High (@ chormatics overduubed), Your
> >Mama's Call and many others), but also on Elton John (I Guess
> >That's Why They Call It the Blues) Chaka Khan (I Feel For You)
> >and the Eurythmics (There Must Be an Angel), as well on things by
> >Dave Mason and a lot of "Soul" music (or contemporary African
> >American Pop or whatever the industry is calling it these days).
> Somehow, I'd always assumed that Stevie played one of those keyboard 
> harmonica know, where you blow in the end and use a keyboard 
> that runs along the top to select the notes.  What are they really called 
> anyway?
> Billong  -->StarGazer, reedblower

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