Re: Rock?

They're called "melodicas" (and I can't say for sure that Stevie
never played one), but certainly his signature sound from
"Fingertips" on has been the chromatic harp (C, if I recall
right).  B<what.key.what.key?>*

Bruce Steinberg



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Hello suckers (and blowers),

Way back on Feb. 18 Winslow Yerxa <76450.3230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Stevie Wonder, if you count him as rock, plays chromatic almost
>exclusively, not only on his own records (Isn't She Lovely,
>Fngertips, Work Out Stevie Work Out, Do I Do, Ribbon in the Sky,
>That Girl, Creepin', Too High (@ chormatics overduubed), Your
>Mama's Call and many others), but also on Elton John (I Guess
>That's Why They Call It the Blues) Chaka Khan (I Feel For You)
>and the Eurythmics (There Must Be an Angel), as well on things by
>Dave Mason and a lot of "Soul" music (or contemporary African
>American Pop or whatever the industry is calling it these days).

Somehow, I'd always assumed that Stevie played one of those keyboard 
harmonica know, where you blow in the end and use a keyboard 
that runs along the top to select the notes.  What are they really called 

Billong  -->StarGazer, reedblower

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