Changes in HarmoniGopher

Hi all,

I've got a bunch I'd like to say, but I'm pretty much worn out so I'll
keep this short.

I've had to rearrange the Gopher here at WKU a little, so I thought I
would let everyone know where HarmoniGopher is JUST IN CASE someone
can't find it.

Truthfully it hasn't moved that far, but a couple of names are
SLIGHTLY different.

The Host is still GOPHER.WKU.EDU and the Port is still 70.  Here is
the path you need to take:

In the First menu select option number 3 (Local WKU Information and

In the Second menu select option number 8 (Way Cool Stuff Not
Available ANYWHERE else on the Internet).

In the Third menu select option number 2 (HarmoniGopher -- The
Harmonica Information Server).

That's where it is.  For anyone using MOSAIC or Lynx the URL is as

   URL: gopher://[]

That should be everything you need to get to it (Plus Internet access
and a Gopher client =:) ).

Oh, btw Jack, thanks for the BHF '94 info.  It is now in the Gopher.

Please feel to send me anything you would like to see in the
HarmoniGopher (Jack or ANYONE!).


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