Re: Hero harmonicas.

  I thought this might be a tremolo harmonica, but who uses it, for what???

  A couple of notes about it, first of all the holes are very close to one
another, its really a feat to get a single note.

  Also, if each hole has the reed attached the same way, how does the hole
sound by both drawing and blowing?  Remember on diatonics, each hole has two
reeds each arranged differently so that only one sounds on the blow and
one sounds on the draw.

  This is a collarary question.  If you can do both blow and draw on the
tremelo, what is the scale of each hole?

  The Hohner concert models have each two reeds each tuned an octave
apart, the idea being to increase the level of sound.  Why don't classical
musicians use these instead of mike a regular chromatic?  What concerts
are they used for?

  Its wierd how Hohner makes all these models in all sorts of styles, but
I don't know anyone or heard anyone using them.  On top of that I hear
they usually care very little about their diatonic lines, ironically the
ones which I'm sure are their cash cow.  What gives?


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