Hero harmonicas.

  Recently a friend of mine lent me a harmonica he had for a very long
time.  It's a big one made by "Hero" in China.  It's in C and has 24 holes
in it, each split into an upper and lower half.  The holes alter in their
reed assembly.  The first one (upper and lower) has the reeds attached to the
far end, the next hole has them attached to the mouth end, and so on.

  The holes are very close to one another, leading me to suspect that its
some sort of chord harmonica.  Having never played one though, I can't be
sure.  If I concentratate, I can pucker onto just one hole and the note is
very pleasing.  It sounds like an octave note (that is an "A" plus the "A"
in the next higher octave) and on top of that it has a natural vibrato. 
Its wierd really, I just blow and the reeds pulsate to their own rhythm.

  Does anyone have an idea what this harp is?


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