> Does any one out there have any experience with the tremelo type 
> Hohners?  I've already tried the cheap echos.  Not for me.  What about 
> the bell metal reed fat echos, or the goliaths?  What does Mickey Raphael 
> use?  He's been using tremelos a lot of late.  Winslow, how about an 
> intrview with Mr. Raphael?  Willie Nelson would lose a lot with out the 
> harp.  FJM

	I have the Honer "collectors" (ha!) bandmaster tremolo.
Presonally, I find the trem.  has such a wet sound (reeds detuned too far) 
especialy in the top octave that it just sounds out of tune.

On slow airs I find it offensive. I don't suppose we are suposed to play
slow airs on trems. though :-)

I have a Bandmaster, East German as was, and not to be confused with the
above bandmaster. It's a 16 hole C/G. I play most of my dance/morris
tunes on it. It's tuned like a chromatic, which is just fine and dandy
for Irish music. I like this one, cheap too, bell metal reeds, not an
overly fat sound on the other hand.

I also have a Honer Golden Melody Trem. in F.
Now I DO like the sound of this one a lot, much warmer and fatter sound.
(Thinks, are they the same thing)?
I know it must be me, but I cannot get the hang of playing the second octave
on the damn thing. The note order seems to change up there and it foxes me.

I've had it almost a year, and I've mapped out the notes, and lent it to
a fellow harpist (Hi Howlin Dog Brown, how're doin' buddy?) who tells me
that its the same as normal. That's what my mappoing proved, but can I hell
make sense of it up there.

Advice anyone please?
I can not tell you about the rest, but I hope this helps Barry.

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