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subject: Paul Delay
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HA>Feds sold him 2 Lbs of Cocaine(at a great price) and then busted him. They
HA>waited for two-years also. That's the bottom line. I call it entrapment.
HA>They knew who they had all along. That's why all the media. The cameras were

Sorry to but in here boys, and this conference may not be the best place for
this discussion, but really, when you sell cocain and you get nailed, tough
Whether the FBI used a Sting operation or not or whether they waited 2 years or
not doesn't change the fact that DeLay tried to buy 2 lbs of coke. What was he
going to do with the blow? Sell it undoubtedly. I don't want my kids buying
cocain from anyone, Paul Delay or anyone else for that matter. The FBI were
doing their job. Good for them and good for the American public. Please
spare me the "Cops are the bad guys" routine. Maybe Delay will become a better
musician because of this, could be inspired to write some damn good blues!

Gatineau, QU?bec
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