Re: Airtightness

On Thu, 16 Jun 1994, Richard Owen wrote:

> Has anyone tried treating their wooden combs to deal with moisture?

I soak my marine bands in silicone oil overnight.  That completely
prevents swelling, and I am a very slobery player.  It also seems to
increase airtightedness slightly, but I am careful to only buy
airtight harps (as judged by visual inspection).  Also, if I play it much
before soaking it, I let it dry out for a day before soaking it. 

Basically, what you do is take the whole harp and drop it in a glass 
filled with silicone oil and let it sit over night.  Then let the harp 
drain on a paper towel for at least 1 day.  I generally blow it out with 
compressed air after 1 day and let it sit for another day.  Then, it'll 
be ready to use.  It won't swell even if it lasts a year.  

I suppose one could disassemble the harp and just treat the comb, but it 
doesn't hurt the reeds (there's no sticky build up) so I don't bother.

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