Re: Old Standby

>...You know, I've never been able to dig Marine Band harps. Most of my
f>avorite players use 'em but I've always found they take a lot more
>work to get good tone out of due to lack of airtightedness (sp?). This,
>to me, has as much to do with the little vents in the side of the cover
>plates as the wood construction. I suspect this has to do with my being
>predominately a pucker player...I notice the Marine Bands are easier to
>play when I tongue block.

I have often thought that someone with a little smarts would market a
cover kit to solve the marine band problem with the covers coming
loose and not being airtight. Drop it once and its impossible to play.
I've tried straightening the covers and making gaskets and using
screws instead of pins and the damn things still play poorly.

I like (otherwise) the marine band sound. I play special 20's but they
have a little thinner sound than a Marine Band.

I have been playing Hohner Big River harps lately. They are big so
they fit in my hands better, and they taste like marine bands (the
brass and nickel make a little voltaic cell with saliva). They
have that big Little Walter Tone, but they're plastic. There is no
problem rinsing them out. You don't have to worry about them swelling.
They are also very cheap, but they only come in 5 or 6 keys.


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