Charlie Mussellwhite

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    Last night a friend showed me a copy of BRQ (Blues Review Quarterly) 
    magazine which she found at one of the major book stores (I think Barnes & 
    Noble). On the cover is a picture of Charlie Mussellwhite holding a Hohner 
    64 chromatic harmonica (I just had to make note of that). I would have 
    bought it for the cover photo alone. - but - the best part is they devoted 
    nine **9** pages to him inside. I didn't get a chance to read it but plan 
    to pick up a copy of BRQ for myself. I had not seen this mag before but it 
    has the appearance of a major, high quality publication. 
    I jotted down the following info. in case anyone is interested.
    	Blues Review Quarterly - Summer 1994
    	Rt. 2, Box 118
    	West Union, WV 26465
    	sub. = $16.00 U.S. / Canada & Abroad were higher $20 & $24 ??
        Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio  -new address->  SYS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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