Re: Huang

:Tell me, if you will, what makes a reed seize up-that popped clutch thing?
:the offset problem, easy or hard to blow, but just won't blow for a second
:then kind of pops out the note. Burrs on the reed's edge?

It has been my experience that it is usually burs on new harps and when it
happens on older "broken in" harps it is "harp cheese". Cheese comes in
several form, must commonly from food and things we put in out mouth befroe
we play. An uncommon form of "cheese" are actually the natural sugars our
body puts out in our breath. These form minute small crystaline structures
along the edges of the reed and reedplates. A simple cleaning that I do is a
"flossing" of the reeds with a peice of .001 steel shim. It is less than a
hair thicker than aluminum foil. 

Any help?
Tim Moody

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