Re: Old Standby

On Wed, 15 Jun 1994, Richard Owen wrote:
  Has anyone tried those souped up Marine Bands
 (Farrell or Filisko puts them out).

Joe Filisko makes a great harmonica.  They're customized to the way you
play,  with a brass comb and cover plates that have your name on it. They are
unique harps with unbelievable response.  Great for overblowing!!!! I
don't know what Joe charges for them now,  but when I last checked in they
were $100.00+  This may seem a bit pricey,  but each one is handmade and
tuned by Joe himself. Monster players like Charlie Musselewhite, Howard
Levy and Madcat Ruth have and use them all the time.   

> Can anyone compare the Star Performer to the Golden Melody, particularly with
> respect to ease of overblowing?

I think the star performer and the golden melody sound close but the
Golden Melody sounds fuller and sweeter due to the thicker reeds(I think?).
As far ease of overblowing they are good (any harp can be adjusted to
overblow well) but the reeds squeal when you try to sustain an overblown
note. I have also had trouble with the deep bends in the lower octaves. 
The reeds have a tendency to waver or flutter under high pressure.

I am not against the Huangs they are QUALITY harps but they don't seem to
work for me.

-Chris Michalek

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