Re: Old Standby

I just bought another Marine Band a week or so ago.  It has a nice clean tone
but the quality is dubious.  The hole numbers don't even line up with the
holes.  By hole 10 the number is encroaching over hole 9.  When I opened it up
to find out why the response was so variable, I found that the reed offsets
were very inconsistent.  I've never seen a Marine Band this funky.

On a more subjective note, I have a hard time with the feeling of wood on
my lips and have not yet managed to develop a liking for the taste.  Has anyone
tried those souped up Marine Bands (Farrell or Filisko puts them out).

I've been developing an appreciation for the Star Performer.  It's tough
overcoming the "It's Hohner And It's Made In Germany" snob factor.  But when
I hear a tune on the radio and reach for a harmonica I find myself subconciously
picking up the Huang over the Special 20.  It plays well.  When I think about
it I tend to do the opposite!?

Can anyone compare the Star Performer to the Golden Melody, particularly with
respect to ease of overblowing?

Oh, I don't like the Huang Deluxe something-or-other model at all.

+Richard Owen

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| >...You know, I've never been able to dig Marine Band harps. Most of my
| >favorite players use 'em but I've always found they take a lot more
| >work to get good tone out of due to lack of airtightedness (sp?). 
| This has been my experience with Marine Bands too. I play SBS's for the tuning, 
| and Lee Oscars for the easy response-but their tone is a little too bright. I 
| find Lee Oscars to be highest manufacturing quality. I have found a cheap harp, 
| however, the Huang Star Performer, that has, for me, great response and a really 
| good tone. I began to play one the other day and the guitar player commented: 
| "Hey, Man, what kind of harp is that. It really sounds good!" I have three of 
| these now and find they are notably consistent (one has a reed that needs 
| resetting). I may even buy a whole key set of these. I like it better that the 
| Golden Melody it is copied from. If anybody else plays or has tried the Star 
| Performer I would like to hear your opinions. I wonder how they will last. But 
| what the heck-at that price: $8, l'll just buy another. 
| Ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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