Re: Old Standby

> If anybody else plays or has tried the Star Performer
 I would like to hear your opinions. I wonder how they will last.
 But  what the heck-at that price: $8, l'll just buy another. 
> Ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Madcat loves the Huangs for their tone. 
I have tried them before because oftheir price.  But I have yet to find
one that I didn't have to fix out of the box.  I have also found that for
me,  they don't hold up so well during those deep bends,  and the
overblows/overdraws don't work so well because of the thin reeds.

I still have about six or eight of them but I would never use them in a
public performance.  for what I am doing my Golden Melodies
and Filisko harps sound and work best for me.

-Chris Michalek

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