Re: Old Standby

>...You know, I've never been able to dig Marine Band harps. Most of my
>favorite players use 'em but I've always found they take a lot more
>work to get good tone out of due to lack of airtightedness (sp?). 

This has been my experience with Marine Bands too. I play SBS's for the tuning, 
and Lee Oscars for the easy response-but their tone is a little too bright. I 
find Lee Oscars to be highest manufacturing quality. I have found a cheap harp, 
however, the Huang Star Performer, that has, for me, great response and a really 
good tone. I began to play one the other day and the guitar player commented: 
"Hey, Man, what kind of harp is that. It really sounds good!" I have three of 
these now and find they are notably consistent (one has a reed that needs 
resetting). I may even buy a whole key set of these. I like it better that the 
Golden Melody it is copied from. If anybody else plays or has tried the Star 
Performer I would like to hear your opinions. I wonder how they will last. But 
what the heck-at that price: $8, l'll just buy another. 


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