Re: Paul deLay

I've been reading the thread on Paul DeLay with some interest. "Entrapment"
does not occur when an undercover agent offers to sell you drugs, even at
a dirt-cheap price. "Entrapment" occurs when you are forced, for whatever
reason, to make the buy.
 Paul bought TWO POUNDS of coke?!? He's lucky to be getting out of prison
before he's an old man. Two pounds is a huge amount of coke - any law 
enforcement officer immediately will assume you're a dealer if you're
getting a hold of that sort of volume of drugs.
 DeLay is a great harp player and the "media arrest" thing smells bad
(and believe me, I know what I'm talking about here). But his plight
does not warm the cockles of my heart. If he had bought that much stuff
for personal use, he's incredibly lucky to be alive; if he bought it to
sell it, he ought to thank God every day that he didn't get caught
doing that. Coke dealers do hard time.

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