Re: paul de lay

:why is he incarcerated?  i'm curious about what you said about him being 
:set up.  if you feel comfortable telling the story i for one am 
:interseted to hear it. 

Some people feel Paul deLay was set up. Others say he deserved it. What I
say is that the Feds, crafty devils they are, offered Mr. deLay a good deal
on a large amount of Cocaine. He unwittingly accepted and two-years later
they came back and arrested him for it. A sad story indeed. Paul is a very
talented individual and I admire him a lot. He says that he was in such
terrible shape from abusing himself before that it almost killed him. He has
been walking something like six miles a day since he has been in and lost a
lot of weight and managed to get himself back in good shape. Along with his
playing and songwriting, he is doing good. I feel Paul will really come back
strong and I am looking forward to it.

Tim Moody

PS Paul reads MS too!

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