Re: SPAH goers and Roommates needed

On Tue, 14 Jun 1994 userID@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> SPAH Goers,
> I have tentative plans to go (I don't know yet how long I can stay). Maybe in a 
> few days I can add myself to this list; I have written to SPAH for more 
> information, but haven't received it yet. Could someone post a quick list of the 
> schedule and prices?   
> Ted Allbritton
> Ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I don't have all the info now but Some of the costs are as follows:

$105.00 convention fee if you are not a member of SPAH
$85.00  fee if you are a SPAH member.

$60.00 per day at the Brownstone Hotel(up to four people)**** Chris P. and I
have room for two more to cut costs even further****

Costs include:

Thursday night blues jam
Seminars given by top notch performers
Saturday night dinnr and show.
and more I can't think of now.

If anyone else out there wants to room with Chris and I you are welcome
from past experience I have never spent much time in my room,  except to
shower and crash for an hour or two at odd times.

The convention deffinately tends to be an all night occasion.  Just ask
Winslow he can tell you about the times we stayed up till dawn with Joe

Chris Michalek

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